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Our story.

We’re on a mission to disrupt the business of periods. 

We’re questioning the status quo.

We are a female led team fuelled by personal experience of the failing mantra that the contraceptive pill is a catch-all solution for everything PMS. Replacing the body’s natural hormonal flow with synthetic hormones counts depression, low libido and weight gain among its laundry list of side effects. We asked ourselves why women have been failed by an industry that hasn’t innovated since the 1950s. 

We’re in business to support menstruators.

No woman experiences the same menstrual cycle, but we don’t believe the solution is to homogenise our bodies. Clinical research, including randomised double-blind trials, has shown us that we can support our bodies hormonal needs through the right nutrients and vitamins. We’ve created an easy-to-use guide on the ingredients we’ve included in High & Flow, with links to the research underpinning it’s efficacy in combatting PMS and PMDD. 

We’re striving for change.

Only 2.2% of venture capital funding goes to women, and that’s all female run-start ups, so the slice going to women’s healthcare is even smaller. This has resulted in a lack of research and development into products that support the unique needs of women’s ever changing bodies. We’re on a mission to put an end to this.